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Motor Test Equipment Rental

Available in U.S. only
Magtrol offers dynamometers, controllers, power analyzers and motor fixtures for rent on a short-term basis. Now, you can benefit from the accuracy and convenience of Magtrol's industry standard test equipment without the capital expense.
7 Benefits to Test Equipment Rentals

In an effort to stay afloat, organizations are now evaluating several of their purchases based on their ability to produce a positive and measurable return. In this tough economy any extra savings to your business costs can be an enormous help. Renting your test equipment has many financial and tax advantages that can help your business's bottom line. Be your company's fiscal hero and take these benefits into consideration when deciding whether to rent or purchase your next equipment requirement.

  • Rental expenses are a write-off for contractual work.
  • Fewer credit restrictions than financing companies.
  • Rent to help control cash flow. Rental payments are a fraction of the cost to purchase!
  • Renting will assist in making short-term and long-term cash and expense projections. Empower yourself by precisely controlling monthly cash outflow!
  • Renting allows you to maintain cash reserves for more essential expenditures.
  • Rental expenses are 100% tax deductible from the bottom line.
    *Note:check with your CPA as State laws can vary.
Equipment for Rent
Hysteresis Dynamometers Electronics Accessories

-0100  short base plate
-0200  long base plate with T-slots
DSP6001 Controller
6510e Power Analyzer
6530 Power Analyzer
AMF-1 Motor Fixture
AMF-2 Motor Fixture

NOTE: Immediate availability can not be guaranteed.
Standard Rental Rate
Equipment rental rate is 5% of published list price, per week of use. Rental period is determined by dates on shipping documents.
Equipment Purchase Cost Recovery
New equipment purchased from Magtrol within 30 days of the end of the rental program are eligible for 25% of the rental cost to be applied to the purchase. This applies to similar products only (dynamometer rental / dynamometer purchase).
Rental Period
Rentals are limited to 4 weeks unless other arrangements are made. Exceptions must be authorized by Magtrol. After the 4 week period, the equipment must be returned, or the full purchase price will be applied.
Equipment Rental Agreement
To rent Magtrol motor test equipment, please complete the Equipment Rental Agreement and fax to Magtrol at 1-716-668-8705.
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