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The files on this page must be "saved to disk" and then unzipped before installation/use. If your browser does not automatically save these files to your hard drive when you click on them, click the right mouse button and go to "Save Link As" (in Firefox and Google Chrome)/"Save Target As" (in Internet Explorer)/"Download linked file as" (in Safari).

Magtrol's M-TEST 7 is a state-of-the-art motor testing program for PC (Windows® 7 SP1) based data acquisition. Used with a Magtrol Programmable Dynamometer Controller, M-TEST 7 works with any Magtrol Dynamometer or In-Line Torque Transducer to help determine the performance characteristics of a motor under test. Up to 63 parameters are calculated and displayed utilizing M-TEST 7's feature-rich testing and graphing capabilities.

M-TEST 7 30 Day Free Trial

M-TEST 7 Viewer

M-TEST 7 Viewer allows the user to create and modify test setups, and view, graph and compare data – everything standard M-TEST 7 does except perform tests. Free download, unlimited use.

M-TEST 7 Viewer

M-TEST Files
M-TEST Defaults File
The M-TEST Defaults file—as referred to in Section 5.2.2 of the M-TEST 5.0 User's Manual and Appendix F of the DSP6001 User's Manual—contains default values for all parameters used in testing with Magtrol Dynamometers and Torque Transducers.

After downloading, unzip the file and save the M-TEST Defaults.txt file to the same directory where M-TEST 5.0 is located. If you need this information to configure your DSP6001 but do not have M-TEST 5.0, the text file can be imported into any spreadsheet or database program and the default values can be manually programmed into the DSP6001 via the front panel menu system.

 • M-TEST 5.0 Defaults (revised 05/17/05)

M-TEST Language File
Language File.csv—as referred to in Section 4.2.1 of the M-TEST 5.0 User's Manual—contains the default language dictionary for M-TEST 5.0 (English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese).

After downloading, unzip the file and save "Language File.csv" to the same directory where M-TEST 5.0 is located.

• Download M-TEST Language Dictionary 

M-TEST 5.0 to M-TEST 7 Setup

This program will take an existing M-TEST 5.0 Setup File and convert it to M-TEST 7 format. There are many differences in the two setup files, so most, but not all, of the information will be converted.

The following settings will convert:

1. Controller hardware

2. Channel 1 and Channel 2

3. Power supply

4. Power measurement

5. Digital I/O

6. Test configurations

7. PID

8. Data logging

Please review the M-TEST 7 setup and make any corrections before running the test.

 • M-TEST 5.0 to M-TEST 7 Setup Conversion Program

LabVIEW VI Drivers

For LabVIEW 2011 or newer.


7500 USB Drivers
32 bit
65 bit

Magtrol's TORQUE 7 Software is an easy to use Windows® executable program, used to automatically collect torque, speed and mechanical power data from Magtrol Torque Transducers by using the Model 3410 or Model 3411 Torque Transducer Display. The data can be printed, displayed graphically or quickly saved as a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet.


3411 USB Drivers

The correct device drivers are dependent on the unit's firmware. Please check the version of firmware on your unit and download the appropriate version of drivers.

Firmware REV A0-N0

Firmware REV P0+

      32 BIT

      64 BIT

DSP7000 USB Drivers

The correct device drivers are dependent on the unit's firmware. Please check the version of firmware on your unit and download the appropriate version of drivers.

• Firmware Rev AE0
(and all versions preceding)

      32 BIT

      64 BIT

• Firmware Rev AF0 (and all versions succeeding)

      32 BIT

      64 BIT

Tera Term Application

DSP7000 OB Demo

Written in Labview 8.2, this program captures torque and speed data in real time from any Magtrol DSP7000 and displays the data on graphs.  The program uses the new DSP7000 “OB” command to facilitate data capture at rates up to 500 Hz. The source code will automatically be placed on your desktop with installation.  Run “setup” to start the installation.

Note: The driver software that shipped with your DSP7000 must be installed on your computer for this demo to work properly.

Download DSP7000 OB Demo

Firmware Updates
Magtrol is now providing the ability to update certain devices with new versions of firmware from the field. The new firmware versions will give the device new capabilities, and allow customers to extend the life of their device. Using our new update utility, customers will be able to change the firmware of their device right from their own location. No down time will be incurred returning the device to Magtrol for a feature upgrade or bug fix. Click the button above for instructions on how to go about updating your device. Below is a list of the devices currently offering this capability.
Firmware Updates

Available updates:


The 3411 Torque Display can now be controlled via an Ethernet connection in two methods. The first is a web interface. The second allows all of the commands available through the USB interface to be used with an internet connection as well. These commands will now be formally known as the Mag.NET protocol. This is a link to a program, along with its source code, which shows how to make a connection and communicate with a 3411 unit.


DSP6001 Files
Installation Instructions:
After downloading the desired program, unzip the file and run the setup.exe program. All of the default selections can be used (folder, etc.). After installing the program, restart your computer.

DSP6001 Setup*
This is a "getting started" program to load all of the default parameters for the dynamometer in use. Parameters such as maximum speed, maximum torque, maximum power, encoder, torque filters, PIDs, alarms, etc. will be programmed into the DSP6001 and saved to nonvolatile memory. This allows the user to simply plug in a dynamometer and start operating it with the DSP6001 without going into complicated setup menus. The program will communicate with the DSP6001 by either the Serial or GPIB port (whichever the user has).

• Download DSP6001 Setup (620 KB) 

*Please Note:
The DSP6001 Setup is a LabVIEW™ program. You must first download and install the RunTime module before using DSP6001 Setup.

•  Download Runtime (2.54 MB)

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