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In-House Motor Testing

Need data, but you can't justify buying a test system? Let Magtrol test your motors for you. We offer motor testing services for a wide range of small AC and DC motors.

Test lab
Magtrol's In-House Motor Test Lab and Control Room 
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Motor Testing Capabilities* 
  • Torque range from 2.5 oz·in to 250 lb·in
  • Speeds up to 30,000 rpm
Performance Characteristics Tested
  • Torque
  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Locked Rotor
  • Torque
  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Locked Rotor
Ratings of Dynamometers in Test Lab*
Maximum Power Ratings Maximum
5 Minute Continuous
watts watts rpm
HD-106-6N 2.5 oz·in 35 7 30,000
HD-100-6N 11 oz·in 75 20 25,000
HD-400-6N 40 oz·in 200 55 25,000
HD-510-6N 120 oz·in 750 375 25,000
HD-710-6N 480 oz·in 1500 935 25,000
HD-715-6N 55 lb·in 3360 2985 25,000
HD-810-6N 125 lb·in 3510 3000 12,000
HD-815-6N 250 lb·in 7025 6000 12,000
*NOTE: If your application requires speed, torque or power ratings outside the posted ranges, please contact Magtrol. We will do our best to find a solution for your motor testing needs.
Motor Testing Facility Power
  • 120 V AC, 60 Hz
  • 240 V AC, 60 Hz
  • 240 V, three-phase
  • 480 V, three-phase
  • 460 V, three-phase (50A)
  • 575 V, three-phase (40A)
DC Power
  • 20V 50A
  • 30V 60A
  • 30V 330A
  • 50V 20A
Documentation Provided
  • Written test description, including test environment and process
  • Photographs of the setup
  • Printed tabular and graphical data
  • Speed, torque and power curves
  • Raw data: Provided as a tab-delimited .txt file for importing into your spreadsheet or database program
  • Certificate of performance: Guarantees authenticity of tests performed at Magtrol                   
For More Information…
Please contact the Magtrol sales consultant in your area to find out if your products are within our capabilities and to receive a quote. Sample reports are available.
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